Starting my career

By Ethan Nobles on 10:53 PM

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I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers

I graduated from Florida State University in December, and I am ready to start my career. College was fun, but I know it’s time to take responsibility and start working hard.It took me five years to finish my degree, and my parents are anxious to see me start work. I got a job offer in Jacksonville, so I am about to say goodbye to Tallahassee and move there in a few weeks. I think it’s the perfect place for me to be. I’ll get to stay in Florida, but not bee too close to my family in Orlando. I went down to Jacksonville last weekend and found a great apartment near the beach. Now all I have to do is pack my stuff and be on my way. I’m not looking forward to all of the work the move is going to take, but I’m sure it will go fine. I have already set up an appointment for the utility company to come out and set up my electricity, and I searched Direct TV Jacksonville to make sure that they can come out and set up service too.

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