Cliff Lee gets the shaft!

By HawgWyld on 11:51 PM

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Yeah, that's right -- Benton's own Cliff Lee got the shaft from the Phillies.

What happens when you have a bang-up postseason, win a couple of games for a team in the World Series and become generally regarded as an elite pitcher?

Your team trades you off, apparently.

Odd and infuriating. Treating an Arkansas boy like that. Imagine! Read my rant all about this mess by clicking here.

Wacky, wacky Obama 'Mad Libs'

By HawgWyld on 11:17 PM

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Whether you love Barack Obama, hate him or are just indifferent, I ran across an "Obama speech generator" that's a hoot.

I was reading a post over at Forgotten Liberty when I ran across a link to the "Inauguration Speech Generator." Go ahead and click the link. Play with it. It's fun stuff.

Yeah, I know -- "Making fun of the president is bad. Bad!"


Yes, Obama got the "Mad Libs" treatment through that nifty little tool and it's a hoot to throw in some words at random and see the results. Here's what I came up with earlier:

My fellow Americans, today is a shiny day. You have shown the world that "hope" is not just another word for "car", and that "change" is not only something we can believe in again, but something we can actually jump.

Today we celebrate, but let there be no mistake – America faces hairy and scary challenges like never before. Our economy is merry. Americans can barely afford their mortgages, let alone have enough money left over for farmers. Our healthcare system is loud. If your groin is sick and you don't have insurance, you might as well call a lawyer. And America's image overseas is tarnished like a bridge skyscraper. But playing together we can right this ship, and set a course for Wyoming.

Finally, I must thank my angry family, my happy campaign volunteers, but most of all, I want to thank Nazis for making this historic occasion possible. Of course, I must also thank you, President Bush, for years of flinging the American people. Without your jerky efforts, none of this would have been possible.

Music Monday -- Just in time for Christmas

By HawgWyld on 1:35 AM

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Here's a little Homer & Jethro ditty to put you in the holiday spirit:

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