Hilda Solis' Price is Right - Who's the Sucker Now?

By Bill Smith on 9:24 AM

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Obama Labor appointees get massive pay raises. Sorry didn't you play the game. The rest of America is broke / in debt! [Video]

Tags: Obama Administration, Labor Department, pay raises, ALG, Americans for Limited Government, video Thanks - ARRA News Service.

Willy checks out the Candidates at the Cantina

By Willy on 6:28 AM

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See what Willy and Juanita think about Blanche Lincoln, Bill Halter, Robbie Mills and John Boozeman as Willy takes a few minutes to visit down at Juanita's Road Kill Grill and Cantina.

May be surprised what Willy thinks

10-4 Willy

Get Quiet Willy!

By Willy on 7:21 AM

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When should Willy be quiet.  Check out Hillbilly Willy -