Justice for Chevron

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This is a guest post by Terri Huggins 

How many times in your life have you been told that life isn’t fair? Other than hearing it all the time you’ve probably experienced it first hand from the time your little brother spilled milk in the kitchen and you had to clean it up. We’ve all be there before. And whenever we fought it, we were told life isn’t fair. Well, it turns out, here in the 21st century, life can be fair sometimes. Why? Because there is justice in the justice system.

For all you skeptics out there I’d like to turn your attention to the Chevron versus Ecuador case. Chevron was sued-+ for causing environmental damage to the Ecuadorian rain forest. Environmental experts were questioned to confirm the supposed wrongdoing done by Chevron. In addition, the plaintiffs were able to construct a video comprising footage detailing the destruction Chevron caused to the Ecuadorian environment. With so much “evidence” pitted against Chevron by the plaintiffs, things weren’t looking good for the top company.

Suddenly the tables have turned, and Chevron is starting to see a glimmer of hope regarding the judgment in Ecuador. Why? Because the Chevron Ecuador judgment turned out to be based on lies, deceit, and hidden money. For starters, that video of “evidence” the plaintiffs used in the case shows complete wrongdoing on the plaintiff’s part and is now being used against them. In addition, it seems as though that “third party and independent environmentalist expert was paid of by the plaintiffs.

The tables have been turned and now Chevron may get justice after all. Only time will tell their fate, but so far it is looking good. Now there really is proof that life can be fair…

This is a guest post was brought to you by Chevron