Arkansas AFP Activists Scaring the Bejesus Out of Barack Obama

By Bill Smith on 9:35 PM

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Bill Smith,  Editor: For the second time in six weeks President Obama has taken aim at Americans for Prosperity (AFP). This time at fundraiser in Connecticut . . .

President Obama and his left wing allies are back to accusing AFP and its 1.2 million grassroots activists of being a "foreign-controlled corporation" or a front for "big banks" or "big oil". Why, because AFP reveals the special interest behind Obama's agenda and has a network of activists who are working to combat that agenda. Below is the video Response from AFP:

In the video, there are two photos included in the video which represent the over 30,000 AFP Activist in Arkansas. It certainly appears that Arkansas AFP actvists are scaring the bejesus out of President Barack Obama. One of the pictures is from the AFP RightOnline conference in Las Vegas. Right there in the front row cheering on the speakers are several people from the Faulkner County (Arkansas) Tea Party. Mr. Obama these people are AFP. They are voters with lots of friends, family and neighbors!

Another scene in the video is an audience of over 700 people who gathered at 8 am on a Wednesday morning in the Ozark Mountains in Baxter County, Arkansas to kick off the AFP November is Coming rally. Many of these fine people are members of the local Ozark TEA Party. This event was held on a school / work day during the week, otherwise thousands would have been present. At their last TEA party weekend event, over 3200 people attended. Mr. Obama these people are not foreign corporations, big banks or oil company minions or even lobbyists. And unlike the words in your speech, they are straight talking and do not prevaricate. Mr. Obama, these people are AFP and they vote and have lots of friends, family and neighbors! . . . [Read Full Story]
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Front Porch Family Diner -- Southern cooking done right

By HawgWyld on 11:16 PM

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Went to a great new restaurant in Springdale a couple of weeks ago.

Liked it. Liked it a lot. I even wrote a review of it. Want to see it? Sure you do. Just click here and away you go.

And if you're in Springdale, Ark., may sure to pay the Front Porch Family Diner a visit.