One of the best buffets in Arkansas

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Earlier this year, Tokyo House opened in west Little Rock.

What is Tokyo House? Simply put, it's probably the best "Asian buffet" restaurant in central Arkansas. It may well be the best in the state.

Tokyo House -- a Japanese restaurant -- offers up sushi and hot meals for $18.95 a person. The food is fresh, the variety is incredible and the quality is far ahead of what you might expect in such a restaurant.

I'll put it this way -- that $18.95 is a bargain when you stop and consider how much quality and variety you get for the money. If you're in the area, pay the place a visit.

You can read more about Tokyo House over at

Get yer horosocope here!

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A few months ago, the happy-go-lucky crew at First Arkansas News was lucky enough to attract the attention of Dr. Zodiac.

Who is Dr. Zodiac? Not only is he the inventor of the Crystal Quija Rune Board (an incredible piece of scientific equipment), he is a self-described astrologer, master of the occult and general-purpose mystic. Dr. Zodiac agreed to submit weekly horoscopes (he calls them StarForecasts, actually) to us. You can read the current horoscope here and see what the stars have in store for you every week by clicking here.