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Oh, yes! One of the major two consoles of the 16-bit era -- the Sega Genesis.

I've had one of these little gems for years and still play it. Click this link to have a look of an overview of the system.

These things were a big deal on a lot of Christmas mornings in the 1990s and they're still a lot of fun.

Arkansas to the Sugar Bowl?

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Oh, yes. Arkansas had its biggest game in years tonight.

Indeed, the Razorbacks hosted the LSU Tigers at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock and pulled off the upset -- 31-23. Go Hogs.

That puts Arkansas at 10-2 on the season, 2nd in the SEC West and perhaps in the top 10.

The big question, of course, is where will the Hogs play a bowl.

We're hoping for an appearance in the Sugar Bowl in this state, and that is very possible. Read all about the game here.