Looking cute in the kitchen

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Guest post written by MaryAnn Winifred

I'm not a very good cook, but I really am trying to learn! Now that I'm a little older I feel a little silly eating takeout all the time. So instead I'm going to try and learn how to cook for myself. Then maybe I can worry about trying to cook for other people. Right now for me a lot of it is about presentation because I'm a horrible cook at this point.

I thought I'd give myself some motivation by making a cute little apron for me to wear while I'm cooking and also to protect my clothes. When I was looking for a pattern that would give my clothes some more coverage from failed baking experiments, I saw the site debtcounseling.bankrupt.com/. I instantly knew that would help some too because I'm also in debt and need any help in that regard.

I did find a ruffled apron tutorial that I thought was simply too cute to pass up! So I didn't and I'm currently at work on piecing together some cheap dish towels into an apron.

Music Monday: The Screamers

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Wow. Back from when punk rock was actually interesting and unique. Odd clip, but fun as heck. Enjoy!

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Social media, the Internet and the law

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It’s something I don’t admit often, but I – good ole The Hawg – used to be a lawyer. I learned at least one thing during the four fun-packed years I spent lawyering – attorneys are rarely the first in line when it comes to adopting new technology.

There are, of course, exceptions to that rule. While attorneys in these parts (and others) have been slow to utilize the Internet and market their services through social media, you’ll find some that have done that with gusto. One firm that has embraced the Internet and social media in an appealing way is the the Law Offices of Scott A. Rubenstein in Cincinnati.

Not only is that site full of useful information for people who might need an attorney, the “search engine optimized” side of thing is handled well so that the office gets in front of the public. If one fires up a search engine and types in terms such as “Cincinnati attorney,” “Cincinnati lawyer” or “Cincinnati DUI attorney,” the chances are good you’ll find the firm’s site, Google Plus page or Facebook page.

That’s all pretty sharp. Building an Internet site is one thing, but putting useful information on it and taking affirmative steps to drive traffic to it and related social media sites is quite another. Good job, there.