More real estate news than you can shake a stick at

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We've had a fair amount of real estate news here in Arkansas over the past week, so let's take a look at a few of the stories that should be of interest to Natural State residents.

First of all, housing market numbers have been released for central and northwest Arkansas. In short, central Arkansas numbers were down in November while sales were up in northwest Arkansas. You'll find the central Arkansas report here and the northwest Arkansas one here. Make sure to keep an eye on the shenanigans the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is up to these days when you're reviewing those reports.

And then, of course, you've got the sad case of the former executive officer from the Hot Springs Board of Realtors who ran off with several thousand dollars of her employer's money. What happened to her? Read all about it here.

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Did Arkansas Governor Put Arkansas Jobs At Risk For Political Gain?

By Bill Smith on 7:37 PM

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Politically Generated Layoffs?
ARRA News Service - In the past it has been noted that Arkansas has been plagued by "Plantation Politics" for over a hundred years. Arkansas present governor, Mike Beebe (D), has in the past used the terms like "traditions and practices" in an attempt to cover over situations which have come to light with increasing awareness and growing transparency in Arkansas.  The following presented situation again begs questions about the past actions of Mike Beebe.  In this specific situation, did Gov. Beebe before the 2010 elections either attempt to restrict or actually did restrict the truthful reporting of negative facts associated with the projected spending and funding by the Arkansas Commission?  Was this another of his Democrat "tradition and practices" used to gain a political advantage? Why was  access to to the following referenced information not made available to the Arkansas legislature responsible for the oversight and funding of Arkansas government agencies and commissions?

The below situation was highlighted today in an email by the Republican Party of Arkansas quoted below:

Governor Beebe Puts Arkansas Jobs At Risk For Political Gain, Ignores State Agency Shortfall For Over A Year

... [Read Full Story]

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Gallup: Majority Of Americans View "Big Government As Biggest Threat"

By Bill Smith on 9:03 AM

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Gallup released its poll last week detailing what Americans fear as the greatest threat to them. While Barack Obama and the Occupy groups have attacked the wealthy and and conservatives have expressed concerns about the abuses of unions, the survey shows that Democrats, Republicans and others have increasing agreed that the biggest threat in the last two years during Obama's presidency is Big Government.

Summary stats:
- 64% of Americans say big government is the biggest threat to the country
- 26% say big business which is down from the 32% recorded during the recession
Since 2009 to 2011, all political groups have noted the growing threat of Big Government:
- Democrats From 32% to 48%
- Republicans from 80% to 82%
- Independents from 59% to 64%

Gallup's Bottom Line: "Americans' concerns about the threat of big government are near record-high levels. . . . [T]he majority of Americans do not view big business as the greatest threat to the country when asked to choose among big business, big government, and big labor. In fact, Americans' concerns about big business have declined significantly since 2009.

Additionally, while Occupy Wall Street . . . anti-big business message may not be resonating with majorities in any party. Republicans, independents, and now close to half of Democrats are more concerned about the threat of Big Government than that coming from big business."

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Santa: I’m Skipping That House

By Bill Smith on 9:26 PM

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By William Warren:

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3 northwest Arkansas Realtor boards to vote on merger

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Three boards of Realtors in the northwest corner of the state will vote next month on whether to merge.

Should the members approve, the new board will be the largest in the state.

Click here to see the whole story and just how large that new board might be.