An easy solution to spam emails?

By HawgWyld on 3:08 AM

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Sick of sifting through an inbox full of junk to get those few emails you want?

I was at a point where I was getting close to 200 spam emails a day and was starting to view my email account are largely a nuisance. If I had to dig through all that garbage to get the emails I wanted, what was the point of running an account at all?

Sure, I tried using new email addresses but the spammers always found me. I filtered spams out in Thunderbird on my laptop, but that did nothing for the mail I checked on my iPhone and Nook Tablet.

What was the cure for all of this? It's simpler than you might think -- take advantage of Google's free and very good spam filters by using Gmail to filter my mail before it hits my inbox. Want to learn how to set that up easily? Click here and read all about. And, seriously, the service is completely free. Give it a shot!

Pot racks A-Go-Go

By HawgWyld on 6:33 PM

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Here's another example of why the Internet is so great for consumers who want to choose from a wide variety of products rather than the one or two typically featured at local retailers -- a store dedicated to Enclume pot racks.

What is an Enclume pot rack? Simply put, it's a way to efficiently store your pots (and maybe even a pan or two) in your kitchen without taking up space in your cabinets. Just hang one of the rascals up and you're set.

Why shop for them online? Simply put, if you can find a store in your area that carries Enclume potracks, the chances are good your selection will be slim at best. Isn't it better to have several options available. Perhaps there's a price point you want to stick with or need a particular configuration to fit your individual needs. Your choices may be limited locally, but one of the reason the Internet exists is to give shoppers a full array of options.

Click one of the links in this post and get started shopping.