Stanley Reed jumps in Arkansas Senate race

By HawgWyld on 3:51 AM

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Things just keeping worse for Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas' senior U.S. senator.

Stanley Reed, a Marianna cotton farmer and all around good guy, has announced his candidacy for Lincoln's Senate seat. Lincoln, of course, has managed to irritate a lot of Arkansans lately because of her politicking during the health care debate.

That's not the safest practice in the world as she's up for reelection next year. So far, eight Republicans have announced their candidacies for Lincoln's seat and a couple of Democrats have mentioned they'd like to challenger her in the primaries, too.

Of the Republican challengers, Gilbert Baker of Conway is the current front runner. Reed's announcement is intriguing because he's generally well liked here in Arkansas among those of us who know him. He's the former head of the Arkansas Farm Bureau and former chairman of the University of Arkansas System Board of Trustees -- two very visible organizations in this state.

Next year's Senate election will be a fun one to watch in Arkansas.

Frankly, I always liked Lincoln well enough. Reed contributed to her last campaign and that's not a surprise -- she had fans among both Democrats and Republicans in this state until she got in the middle of the health care debate (apparently, it's not realistic for people to respect a Democrat to act like a Republican -- imagine that).

She's much preferable to Mark Pryor, our junior senator. He epitomizes the phrase "empty suit" and has pretty well managed to complete ignore his constituents. Sadly, he can't be tossed out of the Senate until 2014.

Meet Obama-Claus

By Bill Smith on 10:08 PM

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by William Warren:

Democrat Senators line up and promise (for a gift) to support Obamacare. Obama Claus does it the Chicago way!

Benton cheerleaders place first in state

By HawgWyld on 3:45 PM

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The Benton, Ark., Panthers may struggle mightily when it comes to football these days, but my alma mater is tearing it up in other areas.

The high school ranks very well academically and the team is absolutely fantastic when it comes to baseball, softball, golf, tennis, vollyball, basketball (on occasion) and even cheerleading. According to an article in the Benton Courier today, the Benton cheerleaders have been named 6A champs for the third year in a row.

So, congratulations to them. Click that link and read all about it!

New Obama TWAP Poster Spreads Across U.S.

By Bill Smith on 11:00 PM

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TownHall in at a new site Penetrating Insights Into The Obvious are reporting about a new Obama poster sweeping across America. At this point it not certain if this is good old fashioned satire or for real. However, it may be a form of satire that in deeds becomes real. We will let the readers decide report back on if they have seen any of the signs posted across America. The alleged article copied below as an image may not be available for every. The image to the right referenced in the article is available to town load as a 11" x 17" version. Also be sure to check out the image of American Exceptionalism.

The article begins:

This past week all across America -- from Marietta, Georgia to Davenport, Iowa to Beverly Hills, California -- sightings of the newest poster featuring President Barack Obama have been made. Simultaneously, many have become convinced that the poster's inscrutable label, TWAP, stands for The Worst American President.

In what may well appear an ominous sign for President Obama, the posters have appeared on many unleased stores, highlighting the devastating effect the recession has had on commercial real estate and small businesses across the county, the sector which most often leads the way out of bad economic times. . . . [Read More]

Music Monday -- The Cars

By HawgWyld on 2:28 AM

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Ah, this live video has it all. Guitars and backing vocals that border on amateurish, a geeky keyboard player and a song that is absolutely infectious.

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