Spruce up for spring with an address plaque

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Yes, it’s spring and that means it’s time to take care of some of those “home beautifying” projects you’ve thought of during the winter.

One of the easiest things to do to improve the look of your home is to look at some custom address plaques and then select one you like. It seems that residential address plaques often get neglected on home, and that’s a shame as people do notice them when approaching homes.

I’m guilty of that one, for sure and certain. The address on my house looks awful – once proud bronze letters that are faded, tarnished and have clearly seen better days. Yes, I’d do well to look at some bronze address plaques or personalized address plaques to improve the look of my home and I may do just that.

Sure, one can go and shop locally for address plaques and deal with the downside of supply and demand. There aren’t just a whole lot of address plaques to choose from in my town, much less custom ones – I’m sure this Arkansas town isn’t the only one in the nation in  which that is the case. Ah, but it’s easy to find plenty of address plaques on the Internet, and you can start that house-beautifying journey by clicking one of the links in this post.

Music Monday: The Goodies

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Here’s one from a British sitcom I enjoyed as a kid. They used to run The Goodies on the local PBS affiliate and I used to watch that, along with other classics such as Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers. Good times, and you couldn’t find that stuff on other networks in Arkansas, could you? Enjoy!

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Yeah, you can build Websites, but can you market them?

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If you poke around on the Internet long enough and build a great looking site or two, you might get the notion of going into business setting those things up for other companies.

That’s all well and good, of course. Building a Website is one thing, but driving traffic to it is another. Think about how your Website building business could grow if you could also offer clients effective tools to market them and attract visitors.

If you’re rather at sea about how to put together a solid search engine optimized (SEO) campaign (or even what that means), you might consider outsourcing the marketing aspect of constructing a successful Internet site to an SEO reseller.

What’s that? Simply put, an SEO reseller is essentially a team of professionals who know how to get sites ranked highly in search engines, put together marketing campaigns and essentially find ways to connect Internet sites with people who will find them useful. In other words, they have the skills your clients want, you get some cash for outsourcing those services, you can offer more services to your clients and everyone’s happy.

Want to find out more about SEO reseller programs? Just click one of the links in this post and you’re on your way, ace.

Got an Internet site? Good. Now, get it noticed

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So, you’ve got a great Internet site. The design is attractive, the content is great and everything is going well, right?

Here’s the problem with the Internet – there’s a lot of stuff out there. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. You can have the greatest site on the planet, but it won’t matter much if no one is visiting it.

How can you get some traffic? Through hiring a firm that offers great SEO consulting services. What is SEO – it’s short for search engine optimized. A site with great SEO is full of keywords that search engines like and generate traffic through the site.

Building a good SEO strategy is important, but how many people know how to do it? Building a site is one thing, but promoting it is another and that is a task best left to an SEO consulting services company.

The choice is yours – you can either plug along and try to build an SEO strategy in a “hit or miss” fashion, or leave it to a professional by hiring an SEO consulting services company. Good luck…

Virtual data room: what it is and why it’s important

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combo When it comes to certain business and financial transactions, a physical data room is often utilized during the due diligence phase of mergers, acquisitions, certain loans, debt restructuring, etc.

In short, we’re talking about transactions in which sensitive information is shared. Access to it must be controlled, so the information is generally stored in a physical data room where people can keep an eye on it.

The problems with a physical data room are somewhat obvious. They are expensive to maintain, require people to travel to them, are full of documents that must be categorized and watched like a hawk, etc.

The solution? A Merrill Virtual Deal Room. What’s that?  Simply put, it allows for the same advantages of a physical data room with none of the disadvantage. A virtual data room is located on the Internet and offers 24-7 access to critical data while enabling parties to restrict access to that information and take measures to make sure the information is not copied and distributed outside the room.

In other words, you get all the control offered by a traditional physical data room (and then some), plus easier access and less cost. That makes sense. Check the aforementioned link to check it out.

By the way, Merrill offers more than virtual data rooms. It also offers certified translation services and medical translation. Good stuff.