What the heck is Blanche Lincoln doing?

By HawgWyld on 5:50 AM

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Over the past few weeks, it seems that our senior senator, Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) has been busily trying to ruin her political career.

Following all that hubbub over the health care debate, Lincoln's popularity has been steadily slipping here in Arkansas. A recent Rasmussen poll shows her losing to any Republican who bothers to run against her while a Daily Kos poll shows her slightly ahead of Republican challengers but struggling mightily against Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter in a primary challenge.

To make things worse, she's angered seniors by voting against a John McCain amendment that would reverse the Medicare cuts put in the health care bill. Here's the relevant portion of a press release I received yesterday from a group called 60 Plus from that group's president, Jim Martin:

I and the 5.5 million supporters of 60 Plus are disappointed Senator Lincoln chose to vote against the McCain Amendment and against restoring the $500 billion in cuts to Medicare made by the Senate health care reform legislation. Seniors have a long memory and we will not forget this betrayal.
That's right -- she's angered another group out there. I don't care if you like, dislike or are just neutral on Lincoln. You've got to be wondering -- what the heck is she doing?

Music Monday -- Adam Sandler and the Beach Boys...

By HawgWyld on 12:17 AM

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One of the finest scenes in which Sandler has been involved. You'll thrill as a tormented Sandler misses his girlfriend and agonizes along with a Beach Boys song.

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The wife starts a new blog!

By HawgWyld on 2:48 AM

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My wife, the lovely Marci Kay, went and started up a new blog -- The Crazed Wife Blog.

Why would she call it that? Well, that's a long story. Years ago I made up a fictional publication called Crazed Wife Magazine.

"You got your column done yet?" I'd ask.

"What?" Marci would reply.

"You know -- your monthly column for Crazed Wife Magazine," I'd explain. "I'm sure I've done something lately you can write about..."

And we'd laugh and laugh. Actually, I'd laugh and she'd roll her eyes at me. Typical.

At any rate, click on that link up there and pay her blog a visit. Do it or I'll get in trouble...