Switching over to Linux...

By HawgWyld on 12:43 AM

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Well, the unthinkable happened -- my hard drive developed a logic error, forcing me to reformat the whole shebang and reinstall everything.

Here's a tip for you cats -- get a Dropbox account and store your important files on it. You get two gigabytes of storage for free and the thing is easy to set up and use locally. The importance of Dropbox is this -- when your computer flakes out on you, at least you can recover your important files (the ability to access your files from virtually anywhere you have an Internet connection is important, too).

At any rate, I was surprised to see my hard drive on my netbook die because I've only had this nifty little computer for a year. Rather than go back to Windows XP, I decided to try something new -- Ubuntu Linux. Here's what I've learned -- Linux isn't scary, weird, limited or anything else. It just works and works very well.

You can read all about my adventures with Linux here.

Microsoft Kinect -- a pretty good controller (so far)

By HawgWyld on 1:46 AM

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Christmas has come and gone and good old Santa Claus left a Microsoft Kinect for the kids.

They must have been good this year as the Kinect is one of the "hot toys" of the season. However, there are some questions about it. Does it actually work? Is it a ton of fun? Does it live up to Microsoft's hype?

Yes, Microsoft doesn't really have a good track record when it comes to releasing products that work as promised and are as cool as the company's hyperbole suggests.

I'm happy to report, however, that the Kinect does work and the potential is there to provide a slew of fantastic motion-based games. Whether the controller will realize its potential and live up to the hype remains to be seen, but Microsoft appears to be on the right track with this.

Click here to read all about my initial reaction to the Kinect.

November home sales down in central Arkansas, too

By HawgWyld on 2:25 PM

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On Wednesday, the hardworking folks over at First Arkansas News released a housing market report showing that yet another real estate market in Arkansas is is still struggling through this mess of an economy.

Sales in central Arkansas fell 31.25 percent last month, continuing a trend in declining sales that took hold in the summer and hasn't let up since.

Click here to see the First Arkansas News report and make sure to click a few links and see what's going on in other parts of the state, too.

Looks like we're in the middle of a long winter folks, as far as the economy goes, at least.

Homes sales sluggish in northwest Arkansas

By HawgWyld on 4:17 PM

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Looks like home owners are in for a big old lump of coal if the lukewarm sales figures in November carry through to December.

Want to see the latest housing market report from northwest Arkansas? Just click here and have a look.

Here's the summary -- sales prices went up a bit, but days on market were up compared to the same month a year ago and sales were down 41.9 percent.


Stay tuned -- the housing market report from central Arkansas should be out before Christmas.

The latest from Horatio Lee Jenkins!

By HawgWyld on 2:31 AM

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Grandma Got Molested at the Airport

By Bill Smith on 11:01 PM

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Hilarious parody of the classic "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" drawing on the absolute insanity going on with the TSA in airports across the country.

Enjoy! [Video]

H/T John Allison who writes at America, You Asked for It! and Conservative Voices

Tags: TSA, Humor, Parody, Civil Rights, Conservative Voices

Come on, pilgrim...

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A few months ago I went and started First Arkansas News and have quite a bit of success with it (not a lot of money yet, but I've had plenty of fun and traffic).

A few people have asked how they can start their own nifty blog and have as much fun as I am. The truth of the matter is this -- running a blog takes a lot of time and effort, but it's not expensive to buy some server space and get cracking.

Want a guide to get you started? Sure you do! Just click here.

Come on, pilgrim. Jump on in.


By HawgWyld on 1:05 AM

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Oh, yes! One of the major two consoles of the 16-bit era -- the Sega Genesis.

I've had one of these little gems for years and still play it. Click this link to have a look of an overview of the system.

These things were a big deal on a lot of Christmas mornings in the 1990s and they're still a lot of fun.

Arkansas to the Sugar Bowl?

By HawgWyld on 2:50 AM

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Oh, yes. Arkansas had its biggest game in years tonight.

Indeed, the Razorbacks hosted the LSU Tigers at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock and pulled off the upset -- 31-23. Go Hogs.

That puts Arkansas at 10-2 on the season, 2nd in the SEC West and perhaps in the top 10.

The big question, of course, is where will the Hogs play a bowl.

We're hoping for an appearance in the Sugar Bowl in this state, and that is very possible. Read all about the game here.

Thanksgiving OTR?

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First of all, happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

If you're traveling, be safe. Most of all, have a lot of fun and I do hope everyone gets at least a few days away from work.

One of my favorite things -- and particularly around the holidays -- is old time radio. I grew up listening to that stuff in reruns with my dad and have been thrilled with the shows I can find in MP3 format.

Over at First Arkansas News, I've been posting plenty of Thanksgiving-themed OTR programs. Want to listen to some of them? Sure you do! Just click here and get ready for the fun.

Liberty’s Pat Down

By Bill Smith on 9:58 PM

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by William Warren: My latest cartoon takes a look at the situation with the TSA.

Tags: Liberty, Political Cartoons, Transportation Security Administration, TSA, William Warren H/T ARRA News Service.

Wow. Just ... wow.

By HawgWyld on 3:00 PM

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The cat responsible for the above masterpiece calls himself Horatio Lee Jenkins and is, apparently, from Fayetteville, Ark. For more fun, visit his site at DrunkerThanSatan.com.

That's right -- ole Horatio claims that he once outdrank the devil, thus humiliating the Prince of Darkness. Wow.

Help wanted...

By HawgWyld on 2:16 AM

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Well, things are going very well over at First Arkansas News.

Yes, we've got some great news articles over there, a good number of skilled reporters and more traffic than you can shake a stick at.

Ah, but there's one problem -- all those reporters are working for free right now. Why? Because I couldn't sell ice cubes in hell.

To that end, we need an ad rep over there. Here's the deal -- the ad rep (or reps) that brings in some revenue gets to keep 35 percent of it. Simple as that.

Interested? Click the aforementioned link to look at the site and click here to check out the details about how to sign up and sell, sell, sell.

There's got to be a skilled ad rep out there looking to pick up some extra bucks. Could that person be you? If so, let's talk!


By Bill Smith on 10:32 AM

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Mastadon Army Video

Now, more than ever, America needs a hero - one who has the power to change the political landscape. That hero, that voice... is You. . . . [Full Script]

Tags: American Hero, vote. Tea Party, Government, United States, November, November is Coming, election, We The People, Constitution, USA, video H/T ARRA News Service.

"I Want Your Money" in Theaters On October 15

By Bill Smith on 3:26 PM

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Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: A Movie You CAN'T Afford to Miss. This Friday October 15, I WANT YOUR MONEY Рthe highly anticipated, hilarious Obama expos̩ that everyone is talking about - will open in movie theaters nationwide.

If you’re tired of Obama’s big-government-tax-and-spend policies, YOU WILL LOVE THIS MOVIE! I WANT YOUR MONEY is a controversial new film about the competing economic visions championed by Presidents Reagan and Obama – a duel of speeches, wit, animation and narrative that leaves audiences laughing, cheering, yelling . . . and engages them in the national conversation about the mounting national debt, and why it matters. After all, IT’S YOUR MONEY THEY ARE SPENDING.

I screened this movie and then participated in two advanced showings of the film to two very different audiences. One in Washington, D.C and one in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains. The movie resonated with both audiences and it will resonate with a majority of people except for liberal elites. Although a documentary, the movie is interspersed with animated cartoons which allows the viewer time to absorb the material and to have a laugh while points are illustrated. Without these cartoons the movie would indeed be shorter, peoples blood pressure would be elevated, and their minds would have been overtaxed with the reality of the present situation.

There is also hope in this movie as the truth is shared about socialism which is destructive to individual freedoms and the well being of people. The words of Ronald Reagan share how capitalism, individual freedom and choice raises the economic well being of all people at all income levels. Audiences will find finds themselves cheering at the end movie when the "Gipper" takes on Barack Obama.

Take your family and friends to this movie. While the November elections are upon us, this movie will help prepare people for conversations with their elected officials after the elections. It is time to hold them accountable at all levels be it Federal, State, County or City. Remember, it is "your money," your family and friends' money and the money of future generations that the government is taking and wasting.

I Want Your Money includes insightful interviews with Newt Gingrich, Steve Forbes, Ed Meese, Mike Huckabee, John Stossel, Michael Reagan, Congressmen Tom McClintock, Thad McCotter and former California governor Pete Wilson, among many others, EXPLAINING CLEARLY WHY OBAMA’S PLAN HAS FAILED, AND WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO RECOVER.
Find A Theater Near You.
View the movie trailer.
Over 3.5 million people have watched the trailer so far!
- "Don't procrastinate, go to this movie and share what you learn with others!" - Bill Smith, ARRA News Service
- “A must see for Americans!” - Stephen Moore Wall St. Journal
- "Hilarious, highly informative and inspiring!" - MovieGuide
- “A great film; entertaining and very clever!” - Former Attorney General Ed Meese
- “This is not your usual (boring) political documentary. It’s engaging and funny, even as it conveys a serious message about economics and politics.” - Hans A. von Spakovsky, National Review
- “This film will make all American taxpayers laugh, think and, I hope, act to save our jobs, our economy and our future.” - Grover G. Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
- “A Tea Party party!” - Kara Swisher, Wall Street Journal
- “Barack Obama meets Ronald Reagan, in the Oval Office!” - - Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner
- "Ray Griggs' documentary I Want Your Money has achieved the impossible: making the federal government's insatiable appetite for the fruits of your labor both enlightening and entertaining." - U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter, Republican House Policy Committee Chairman
- “Why don’t politicians think like us when it comes to money? Watch I Want Your Money to find out -- and do it before the next election.” - Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women For America
- "I Want Your Money exposes the venality of the Obama economic plan, but does so in a playful, lighthearted way. The result is that its humor is as devastating as its factual revelations." - Colin Hanna, Let Freedom Ring
- “A sobering yet humorous look at the damage we are doing to our country by shirking our moral responsibility on fiscal discipline. - Tony Perkins, FRC Action President
- “Where's the lefty documentarian Michael Moore? A young conservative Moore wannabe is out with new movie, I WANT YOUR MONEY-pretty good, too!” - Michael Medved, radio talk show host
- "I WANT YOUR MONEY is brilliant, entertaining and very funny. Responsible citizens of voting age should view I WANT YOUR MONEY as required viewing. - Pete Wilson, former Governor of California, US Senator
- “Visually inspiring, spiritually uplifting, bravely accurate and at times hysterically funny.“ - Kerri Houston Toloczko, Institute for Liberty
- “A concise, viewable history of how America got into its economic mess and what policies will free our country's citizens to prosper once again.” - David A Keene, President, American Conservative Union
- “Educational yet fresh and entertaining.“ - Darla Dawald, National Director of ResistNet.com
Conservative friend and advocate for the movie Victor Vanden Oever provided promotional comments incorporated in this article.

Tags: movie, I Want Your Money, released, theaters, your money

Arkansas AFP Activists Scaring the Bejesus Out of Barack Obama

By Bill Smith on 9:35 PM

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Bill Smith,  Editor: For the second time in six weeks President Obama has taken aim at Americans for Prosperity (AFP). This time at fundraiser in Connecticut . . .

President Obama and his left wing allies are back to accusing AFP and its 1.2 million grassroots activists of being a "foreign-controlled corporation" or a front for "big banks" or "big oil". Why, because AFP reveals the special interest behind Obama's agenda and has a network of activists who are working to combat that agenda. Below is the video Response from AFP:

In the video, there are two photos included in the video which represent the over 30,000 AFP Activist in Arkansas. It certainly appears that Arkansas AFP actvists are scaring the bejesus out of President Barack Obama. One of the pictures is from the AFP RightOnline conference in Las Vegas. Right there in the front row cheering on the speakers are several people from the Faulkner County (Arkansas) Tea Party. Mr. Obama these people are AFP. They are voters with lots of friends, family and neighbors!

Another scene in the video is an audience of over 700 people who gathered at 8 am on a Wednesday morning in the Ozark Mountains in Baxter County, Arkansas to kick off the AFP November is Coming rally. Many of these fine people are members of the local Ozark TEA Party. This event was held on a school / work day during the week, otherwise thousands would have been present. At their last TEA party weekend event, over 3200 people attended. Mr. Obama these people are not foreign corporations, big banks or oil company minions or even lobbyists. And unlike the words in your speech, they are straight talking and do not prevaricate. Mr. Obama, these people are AFP and they vote and have lots of friends, family and neighbors! . . . [Read Full Story]
Related Article: Barack Obama Gives Seal of Disapproval to Americans For Prosperity

Tags: Americans for Prosperity, AFP, Barack Obama, RightOnline, November is Coming, prosperity, America, Arkansas, Bill Smith To share or post to your site, click on "Post Link". Please mention / link to the ARRA News Service. Thanks!

Front Porch Family Diner -- Southern cooking done right

By HawgWyld on 11:16 PM

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Went to a great new restaurant in Springdale a couple of weeks ago.

Liked it. Liked it a lot. I even wrote a review of it. Want to see it? Sure you do. Just click here and away you go.

And if you're in Springdale, Ark., may sure to pay the Front Porch Family Diner a visit.

Willy is Ready for the Big one

By Willy on 7:04 AM

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Mallett for Heisman

By Willy on 8:07 PM

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For those nay sayers such as Michael from Stuttgart on 103.7 the buzz -  that Ryan Mallett can't win on the road.  -- BOO-  They did it and Ryan Mallett was big reason.  Final few seconds - pressure is on and he did it - CHILDS PLAY!

22 OF 33 lets see this is 67% passing against an SEC team.

Granted - can they do it next week against Alabama.  Well,  Mark May of ESPN says that with his performance Mallett is still the front runner for the Heisman Trophy.

Cartoon of the Day: Modern Labor Day Parade

By Bill Smith on 6:37 PM

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H/T ARRA News Service:TEXT

Tags: Labor Day, economic crisis,

Progressive Church Commercial

By Bill Smith on 8:35 PM

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Discover a church that's all about you! Progressive-church.com [video]

Arkansas Being Painted Red

By Bill Smith on 1:11 PM

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ARRA News Service. - The liberal New York Times indicates as of 8/31/10 that Arkansas is going "red" (Republican) in the November elections. However, conservatives are not resting but are out there on all fronts in Arkansas working to see that this occurs. The latest NYT status report for Congress:

Arkansas Senate Profile
Democratic Incumbent
Blanche Lincoln

John Boozman
New York Times Race Rating

Leaning Republican
Lincoln avoided being swept up by the anti-incumbent mood in the primary election, she remains one of the most vulnerable Democratic senators. Republicans view the race in Arkansas as one of their best opportunities to pick up a Democratic seat. The Republican candidate in the race, Representative John Boozman, has the benefit of the political environment on his side.

Arkansas 1st District Profile
Chad Causey

Rick Crawford
New York Times Race Rating

Leaning Republican

Arkansas 2nd District Profile
Joyce Elliott

Tim Griffin
New York Times Race Rating

Solid Republican

Arkansas 3rd District Profile
David Whitaker

Steve Womack
New York Times Race Rating

Solid Republican

Arkansas 4th District Profile
Democratic Incumbent
Mike Ross

Beth Anne Rankin
New York Times Race Rating

Leaning Democrat

Tags: Arkansas, US Congress, political races, US Senate, US House, AR-01, AR-02, AR-03, AR-04, Republicans, Democrats, painting Arkansas Red, Election 2010

Good Things Coming For Willy and the Rednecks.

By Willy on 7:53 AM

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Check out what Hillbilly Willy believes we can do in Arkansas to ward off the negative thoughts of the economics.  There are things that are important to Willy and many Rednecks and Willy believes that there is a method behind his madness of getting rid of the Obama Blues that we are under.

Challenge of the Yukon (also known as Sgt. Preston of the Yukon)

By HawgWyld on 12:18 AM

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Since I was a kid, I've enjoyed the heck out of old time radio (OTR).

I like it so much, in fact, that I've made a habit out of posting a show every weekend on my "news blog" (First Arkansas News).

This week, I chose a Challenge of the Yukon episode because, well, that series is all kinds of fun.

Want to hear a great tale of Sgt. Preston and his dog, Yukon King, keeping order in the frigid north? Sure you do! Just click here, tune in and enjoy the show!

KEWI-AM 690 -- a Benton station dedicated to preserving old time radio

By HawgWyld on 12:07 PM

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I had a visit with Jim Landers this morning.

He's the owner of KEWI-AM 690 in Benton and enjoys old time radio (OTR) perhaps even more than I do.

We visited about his station's habit of broadcasting those OTR programs. Click here to read an article I wrote following that conversation.

Brittany Lincicome coming to Rogers

By HawgWyld on 10:52 PM

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Yes, LPGA golf great Brittany Lincicome is playing in a tournament in Rogers, Ark., next month and you've got the chance to be her caddy.

Well, you can be a caddy if you win that opportunity through an eBay auction.

All money raised through the auction will go to charity.

Want to learn more? Sure you do! Click here for the details.

Milligan says Saline County voters deserve a choice

By HawgWyld on 11:44 PM

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I visited with Dennis Milligan in downtown Benton, Ark., on Saturday.

He's running for the Saline County Circuit Clerk's office and he had more than a few things to say about competition breeding better government, hiring convicted felons to handle court records, etc.

Click here to read all about it!

'Benton Courier' now 'Saline Courier'

By HawgWyld on 12:21 AM

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In an apparent attempt to cater to the fact that Saline County is gelling as region, the Benton Courier has changed its name to the Saline Courier.

While that might not seem like a big deal, it is to those of us who grew up with the Benton Courier. Still, considering how Saline County has grown up a lot since the Courier was established, the name change makes a lot of sense.

Click here for more of this fascinating story. You know you want to...

Saline County Fairplex fails

By HawgWyld on 12:25 AM

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Over the past few months, we happy Saline County residents have heard argument after argument both for and against the proposed $55 million Fairplex.

Yes, the project was touted as just the thing needed for economic by proponents. Opponents complained of new taxes, suspicious economic impact studies and a host of other things.

We headed to the polls on Tuesday and voted on the project. Saline County residents pretty well turned down the complex, leaving us wondering what's next.

To read about the issue and some commentary on it, click here.

Calling all Lum and Abner fans...

By HawgWyld on 1:40 AM

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Over at my "news site" -- First Arkansas News -- I posted an article about a sale the National Lum and Abner Society is having.

You can read that article by clicking here.

For those not in the know, Lum and Abner are a couple of characters created by good ole Arkansas boys who went on to dominate old time radio for years. The aforementioned society is selling some back issues of their newsletter and some script books -- great memorabilia for you and a chance to clear out some inventory for them.

Trifecta Wants You This Election Season!

By Bill Smith on 10:49 AM

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ARRA News Service - As identified at the end of this video: All Politics are personal! Do you really want to really restore this Republic? We need you make some small sacrifice to make a difference so we all can be in the winner circle! Contact your local Republican party or a candidate that you like. Get involved, make a few phone calls, visit a few people, kick in $5 or whatever to their campaign, lets get others out to vote, so we can all meet in the winners circle.
Pajamasmedia: You don't win elections by watching Glenn Beck. You've got to do the hard work - walk precincts, talk with neighbors and lick envelopes. Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle tell you what it will it take to deliver a Republican majority in Congress on Election Day. The midterm elections, Obama and the Tea Party Movement on this edition of Trifecta. [Video]

Tags: PVTV, video, 2010 Election, getting involved. making calls, canvassing for candidates, giving, voting, conservative, Republicans

LOL : Wedding of the Decade of the Century of the Millennium

Chelsea Clinton's wedding sets a new record for the most media coverage gaining the least amount of information.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Wedding of the Decade of the Century of the Millennium
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Lincoln says $700 million in the way to Rural Development in Arkansas

By HawgWyld on 2:24 AM

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U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) sent out a news release the other day stating that $700 million in mortgage guarantees is on its way to the United States Department of Agriculture's Rural Development program.

Big deal here in the natural state? You'd better believe it. Rural Development loans are available all over the state through private lenders and exist as one of he few "zero down" mortgage programs available. To say that program has helped boost housing markets here in the Natural State is an understatement.

You can read about Lincoln's announcement here.

Biden Wishes Obama Happy Birthday

By Bill Smith on 7:02 PM

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Biden wishes Obama happy birthday!
Check out: Reid and Pelosi Wish Obama Happy Birthday

June housing market report for central Arkansas

By HawgWyld on 1:47 AM

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The numbers are in and they're, well, not great.

The June housing market report for central Arkansas is available and you can read all 'bout it here.

Cheer up, ace. Things will get better.

Weekend old time radio, anyone?

By HawgWyld on 10:25 PM

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Old time radio (OTR) has been a passion of mine since I was but a lad listening to Lum and Abner reruns on a radio station out of Hot Springs, Ark., with my dad in the 1970s.

A lot of those shows have held up very well over the years, while others exist as an odd reflection of the times in which they were made.

I was a Communist for the FBI is one of those "reflective" shows that reveal a lot about how Americans viewed Communists in the Red Scare days of the 1940s and 1950s. Click here to hear for yourself -- it's a great show, to be sure, and is as entertaining as it is a bit of an historic document.

For more OTR, click here and listen all you want.

The Hawg gets his column back

By HawgWyld on 11:34 PM

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A few weeks ago, your good friend The Hawg was told by his employer (the Arkansas Realtors Association) that his services as the director of media relations were no longer required.

Fine with me. The boss long regarded me as a weisenheimer and troublemaker, anyway, and the last couple of years at work had been decidedly weird.

While I'll find another job, I had a more immediate concern -- what would happen to the House to House column that I spent years developing and shipping to 20 newspapers in Arkansas? The answer to that question was simple enough -- adjust the focus of the column a bit and see if the good people over at the Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas would want to sponsor it.

As luck would have it, they liked the idea and a new column was born. Yes, we've even got some papers running it. If you'd like to see the first column in my new series, just click here.

A fireworks ban in Benton?

By HawgWyld on 2:20 AM

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Well, the nervous biddy squad has officially invaded my town.

Yes, indeed. Setting off fireworks is now totally illegal in Benton, Ark. While towns run by city councils with a lick of sense generally make exceptions for people wanting to shoot off fireworks around the Fourth of July and New Year's Day, there is no such exception in place in my town.

And, man, does that suck.

You can read all about the ban here.

More information about the home buyer tax credit than you can shake a stick at

By HawgWyld on 2:03 AM

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There's been a lot of information floating around about the tax credits for first time and repeat home buyers lately.

Some of it has been great and some of has ... not been.

To put the record straight, here are a couple of links to articles with all kinds of information about the tax credits:

* Click here for an article about the extension of the closing date for the credits. That was signed into law and a post about that is here.

* Military personnel and some others have an extra year to buy homes and apply for the credit. Click here for information about that.

11 Reasons to Vote for Democrats in November

By Bill Smith on 2:33 PM

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Lesterville2k2 - The members of the Democrat party have given us a lot to consider before voting in November 2010. This video presents just 11 reasons to consider voting for the Democrats. Are you motivated yet?

Video produced by Duane Lester. This is a great video for Tea Party members and others to share.

Tags: Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, Harry Reid, Bob Etheridge, Hank Johnson, Democrats, 2010 election, video To share or post to your site, click on "Post Link". Please mention / link to the ARRA News Service. Thanks!

The Hawg buys American

By HawgWyld on 10:57 PM

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Folks, it may be time to eat crow.

After swearing off American vehicles, I traded in my Toyota Matrix for a Dodge Ram 1500 over the weekend.

Why? Well, you can read all about it on First Arkansas News.

Looking for a Web host?

By HawgWyld on 9:44 PM

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Wandering into the fun-filled world of Web hosting is confusing, indeed.

Most small and medium-sized business owners realize the importance of having a strong presence on the Internet, but what must one do to build and maintain that presence? Who can help keep that presence up and running, offer 24-hour support, advice and all those other technical things that drive most of us nuts?

One company that can help with everything from hosting a site to maintaining on-site servers is Superb Servers. Do phrases like dedicated server hosting, managed hosting solutions and colocation services sound a bit "buzz wordy?" Those phrases make sense to the cats at Superb Servers, and that's all that matters -- if you want to expand your Internet presence, build a solid network, etc., that particular company can help.

Go with the experts, kids.

Big Government Squashes Private Sector

By Bill Smith on 10:03 PM

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by William Warren:

Tags: William Warren, political cartoon, big government, private sector, private pay, public pay, ARRA News Service.

Hilda Solis' Price is Right - Who's the Sucker Now?

By Bill Smith on 9:24 AM

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Obama Labor appointees get massive pay raises. Sorry didn't you play the game. The rest of America is broke / in debt! [Video]

Tags: Obama Administration, Labor Department, pay raises, ALG, Americans for Limited Government, video Thanks - ARRA News Service.

Willy checks out the Candidates at the Cantina

By Willy on 6:28 AM

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See what Willy and Juanita think about Blanche Lincoln, Bill Halter, Robbie Mills and John Boozeman as Willy takes a few minutes to visit down at Juanita's Road Kill Grill and Cantina.

May be surprised what Willy thinks

10-4 Willy

Get Quiet Willy!

By Willy on 7:21 AM

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When should Willy be quiet.  Check out Hillbilly Willy -

Hillbilly and the frog.

By Willy on 7:53 AM

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Hillbilly Willy - Fun Food and Politics.

Willy will be reviewing the Primary election in Arkansas Soon.  Check him out and don't miss his amazing updates.   10-4 Hillbilly Willy

Interviews with Arkansas lieutenant governor candidates

By HawgWyld on 4:19 AM

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That's right -- we've got three people running for lieutenant governor here in the Natural State. Two Republicans face off in the primaries on May 18 and the winner of that will face the loan Democrat in the race in the November elections.

Click here to visit FirstArkansasNews.net and hear interviews with Democrat Shane Broadway and Republicans Donnie Copeland and Mark Darr. No endorsements. No loaded questions. No nonsense. Just the candidates telling voters why they should be elected. Don't miss it, bub!

Need some statistics tutoring?

By HawgWyld on 3:58 AM

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Statistics are important regardless of what you do for a living. I use them every day in my job as a public relations guy and used them extensively as a business reporter. What do all those earning reports from, say, trucking companies mean? How can a housing report be properly analyzed unless you know what the numbers tell you?

Statistics are important but they're not always taught terribly well (my knowledge of statistics came through forcing myself to learn about them). For folks who are a bit lost when it comes to statistics, there's statistics help available. And here's the good news -- a statistics tutor might cost less than you think.

That's right -- finding someone to provide those statistics problems and statistics questions and explain what the purpose of running through those exercises actually is can be found quickly through the Internet. What's more, you can do it all online and find a custom program set up for students in ages K-12 and college. Some online tutoring, indeed, might be just the thing for a student getting ready to go back to school for the year (or one who is between semesters) and needs a little help before entering the classroom.

Check it out, kids.

New, err, news site...

By HawgWyld on 4:06 AM

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Well, I went and started yet another blog -- FirstArkansasNews.net.

That one is designed to be, primarily, a news site featuring some journalists from across the state. A few of them have agreed to write for it and I do hope it's a success.

Meanwhile, check it out if you're so inclined. Want to write for it? We could use some more reporters who are willing to work for free in hopes of building up enough traffic to generate some ad revenue so I can start sending money to folks. If you're interested in that, click here to send me an email.

A professional kite flyer?

By HawgWyld on 1:37 AM

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That's right -- there's a guy who goes around the country flying kites for a living.

Jealous? You should be. I know I am.

Click here to read all about it.

Your Taxes: Their Spending - Prepare for the Largest Tax Increases in History

By Bill Smith on 3:52 PM

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Tomorrow is Tax Day, Earth Day and thank goodness for those opposed to all these taxes: a self-proclaimed TEA Party Day. The Obama Administration's spending in the past year has been unprecedented and Tax Day won't come and go quietly. In just over a year, Democrats in Washington have proposed trillions of dollars in new taxes on American Families -- and passed hundreds of billions in new taxes to pay for their government takeover of our health care. These new taxes affect you and your family -- every day.

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Want to criticize the president? At least get your facts straight...

By HawgWyld on 12:17 AM

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Every now and again, politics just irritates the heck out of me.

A tactic that is shamelessly employed by both Democrats and Republicans has to do with outright lying to their bases so as to scare some votes out of people. How about a bit of honesty in politics? Or have we gone too far down the "this works so let's just do it" path to expect much in the way of honor out of pundits on both sides of the aisle?

For the latest bit of tomfoolery, have a look at this.

There's enough to gripe about in the current administration without having to make up things. Shameful (or, perhaps, shameless).

Playing guitar in church? You'd better get a capo, bub...

By HawgWyld on 1:32 AM

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What's the magical invention that allows pianists and guitarists to get along with each other?

Why, it's the capo! Yes, I can now play in the funky keys the church pianist is used to with ease on my guitar.

Click here to read all about the fun, fun capo and why I adore mine so.

Music Monday -- 'White Girl' by X

By HawgWyld on 12:47 AM

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X - White Girl

W.T. Morgan | MySpace Video

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

Easter Sunday fun...

By HawgWyld on 1:56 AM

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This morning, I had the rare privilege of delivering the devotional at the sunrise service at my church.

Yes, they pick a member of the congregation to deliver the Easter devotional every year. This time around, they picked on me.

Click here to see what I came up with today. I hope I did a good enough job...

"You Picked a Fine Time to Lead Us, Barack"

By Bill Smith on 10:08 PM

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WhiskersFish: [Video]
[For the comment behind the line "bowl like a retard" view: Obama's "Special Olympics" Joke ; For the comment about Obama's brother in the Kenyan mudshack, read: Barack Obama's 'lost' brother found in Kenya] This video is a parody of "You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille" by Kenny Rogers. Written and sung by Jonathan McWhite. Guitar accompaniment by David McWhite.

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OTP: One Term President - Time to Get Serious

By Bill Smith on 10:01 AM

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One Term President: JOIN THE REVOLUTION! Are you discontent with this President and the direction he is trying to take our country? Help make this the symbol of discontent in the United States. Also on FaceBook OTP is the symbol for tax paying, hardworking Americans who are sick & tired of Earmarks, Bailouts, Biased Media, Nobel Prizes and SPENDING that just might bankrupt our great country. Time for an OTP bumper stickers on cars, trucks, campers across the country.

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