Socks the Cat -- Dead at 19

By HawgWyld on 10:53 PM

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According to this story from MSNBC, Socks the Cat was euthanized after a long battle with cancer.

Yes, it seems that Sock's 19 years on this earth ended at the Three Notch Veterinary clinic in Washington, D.C. on Friday. The story is pretty cut and dried, right? Is it really? Hmmm.

Socks, of course, was adopted by Bill and Hillary Clinton back in 1988 when Billy was governor of Arkansas. Socks -- by far the member of the Clinton family who subscribed to the highest moral standards of the lot -- traveled to Washington with the Clintons and has remained with Billy's personal secretary, Betty Currie, since 2001.

It's no surprise the Clintons would leave someone loyal to them behind, of course. Just ask the folks in the Arkansas Delta what years of supporting Clinton got them.

What is curious, however, is how people who get too close to the Clintons tend to vanish, wind up in prison or end up dying under mysterious circumstances. Could it be that Socks knew too much? Could it be the word got back to the Clintons that the cat had started having lunch with a Washington Post reporter?

Rumor had it that Socks was critical of Billy's constant catting around and disapproved of Hillary's catty behavior, too. Could it be that years of resentment and an embarrassing abandonment finally drove Socks to blab secrets to the press and he had to be silenced?

Oh, I hope not!

UCA Student Vying for Top 12 Spot on American Idol

By Paul Eilers on 4:11 PM

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PaulsHealthBlog.comWhen University of Central Arkansas student Kris Allen traveled to Kentucky to audition for American Idol, he had no idea he would eventually compete for a top 12 spot.

Now that Allen, 23, has made it through the introductory rounds, he will perform in front of the show's judges, and the rest of America, at 7 p.m. Wednesday on Fox.

The following show will air at 7 p.m. Thursday and Allen will find out whether he will continue the path to fame.

"You know, it's crazy because when you go try out, you don't ever believe you're actually going to make it and then you get through to Hollywood," Allen said Friday. "You just don't ever think you're going to make it to the next round."

Read the rest of the story here.

Card Check in the hands of Blanche Lincoln

By Bill Smith on 7:10 PM

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ARRA News Service - K. Ryan James, an Arkansas voice in Washington, D.C., offers insights today concerning the influence that Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln may have in either protecting or taking away the secret voting rights of workers via Card Check. This story is a big one for the people of the right-to-work state that is Arkansas, considering that our senior Senator Blanche Lincoln has has literally been all over the place on this issue - which is to be expected when you consider that Arkansans spectacularly rejected President Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal policies in November. He questions weather Sen. Lincoln show her independence and not support a bill that is opposed by virtually all of her home state, including her own Democratic Governor? Or, will she kowtow to the labor lobbyists and their allies at MoveOn and other liberal groups. [ Story on ARRA or Ryan's Full Article on Sen. Lincoln & Card Check]

Front Row At The Arkansas Legislature

By Bill Smith on 6:13 PM

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Arkansas State Representative Karen Hopper (R - Dist 81) lives in Lakeview (Baxter County), Arkansas. She shares about her first 30 days as a freshman in the Arkansas House of Representatives.
ARRA News Service Guest Editorial by Rep.Karen Hopper:
~The First 30 Days~

It is indeed an honor and a privilege to serve the almost 27,000 residents of House District 81 as a freshman legislator. Thank you to all of you have contacted me during these first five weeks to voice your feelings about some of the almost 200 bills that have made their way to the House floor, not including the numerous budget bills, as well as other bills that have been introduced and have not cleared the various committees. Your input is invaluable.

Please know I welcome your comments and the opportunity to be of service with individual constituency matters. The best way to reach me during the session is via email--

This past week we passed the 30-calendar-day mark. We have already tackled a number of hot topics. The following is a synopsis of the first five weeks with a few personal observations... [Read Complete Article]

Musical Monday -- the Misfits!

By HawgWyld on 2:01 AM

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Here's "Hybrid Moments," the best song from the Misfits and one that's oh so easy to bang out on a guitar (use those barre chords for a fuller sound, kids). The band might not have been exactly technically skilled, but that doesn't matter one whit on this song. Enjoy!

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

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Girlie Girl, Gritty Grappler

By Paul Eilers on 6:36 PM

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www.PaulsHealthBlog.comEmily Stokes goes to the mat, puts lock on Conway High School history

Emily Stokes paints her nails dark, wears pink, loves bling and heels and figures she can hang with the best of 'em in the girlie stuff.

At first glance, she fits nicely into the All-American cheerleader or homecoming queen type.

As soon as you're comfortable with that traditional image, she'll body slam you and put you in a headlock.

She's also crazy over pins.

She's the first female wrestler to letter at Conway High.

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