John McCain Speaks to America

By Bill Smith on 11:55 PM

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Bill Smith, ARRA Editor, Reporting at the RNC 2008: Tonight, John McCain accepted then nomination of the Republican Party the presidency of the United States. McCain reintroduced himself to his fellow Americans. Long known as the courageous POW who refused early release, a maverick in the Senate, and a devoted reformer, tonight Americans saw John McCain in yet another new light: as our nominee for president. He shared his story of courage, his plans to fix Washington, and his desire to strengthen our security. Tomorrow, John McCain and Sarah Palin will begin their journey together, meeting with voters and talking about their plans to make our nation more prosperous and more secure.

A Video & the Full Text of the Remarks by U.S. Senator John McCain: (Thursday, September 4, 2008 is available at the ARRA News Service - Click Now.

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