Mexican Consul Estimates Number of Mexicans Illegally Residing in Arkansas

By Bill Smith on 12:27 AM

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ARRA News Service - According to Andres Chao Mexican consul estimate, there may be nearly as many Mexican nationals in the state of Arkansas as there are people in within the city limits of Little Rock. Little Rock, the capital and the most populous city in Arkansas, was estimated at 184,422 in 2005. Current 2007 estimates identify 187,452. The Mexican consul also estimated that the actual number of illegal Mexican aliens at 80,000. The total estimated number of illegal aliens in Arkansas from other European, Asian, Central American and South American countries is not estimated in this post. But one can conclude with the surrounding states implementing stronger laws to address illegal immigration, Arkansas will continue to see a significant increasein illegal aliens until Arkansas addresses this serious problem. . . . [Full Story]

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