Girlie Girl, Gritty Grappler

By Paul Eilers on 6:36 PM

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www.PaulsHealthBlog.comEmily Stokes goes to the mat, puts lock on Conway High School history

Emily Stokes paints her nails dark, wears pink, loves bling and heels and figures she can hang with the best of 'em in the girlie stuff.

At first glance, she fits nicely into the All-American cheerleader or homecoming queen type.

As soon as you're comfortable with that traditional image, she'll body slam you and put you in a headlock.

She's also crazy over pins.

She's the first female wrestler to letter at Conway High.

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We saw the Arkansas state wrestling championship in Little Rock over the weekend and saw a girl from Episcopal who was just plain tough. She whipped more than a couple of boys and placed in her weight class (fifth or sixth, I can't remember).

The interesting thing was everyone seemed to be rooting for her.

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