Conway Hoping for an 'Idol' Upset

By Paul Eilers on 9:42 PM

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It's lunch time at a restaurant in Kris Allen's hometown. A few sports-focused TV screens are on overhead, a brief respite from the "American Idol" fever that has swept through the area.

Then someone walks over to the jukebox and puts on "Apologize," the song Allen performed on Fox singing competition earlier in the week.

Everywhere you turn in this city of 55,000 in central Arkansas, there's some reminder of Allen's run on "American Idol." He's one of two singers who will compete in next week's finale.

Windows are decorated with supportive messages, shirts and signs are everywhere, and last Friday a crowd estimated at over 20,000 packed the streets when the 23-year-old contender performed live downtown.

"I'm definitely rooting for Kris not just because he's from Conway," said 19-year-old Jansen McGuire, who works at an Old Chicago restaurant downtown. "He has talent."

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