The Silence is deafening! Where is Commander-in-Chief Obama?

By Bill Smith on 3:30 PM

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Bill Smith, ARRA News Editor: Yesterday, we heard the shocking news that a Muslim convert "with political and religious motives" shot two uniformed soldiers outside a Little Rock, Arkansas military recruiting center. Private William Long, 23, died, and Private Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, was wounded and is currently in stable condition. According to Lt. Col. Thomas F. Artis of the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion, the two soldiers had completed basic training within the past two weeks and were not "regular" recruiters. In the military terminology, the Army had allowed these two young men to return home after basic training for a designated period of time before reporting to their next military dusty assignment if they would work with recruiters and assist them in recruiting and talking to potential recruits.

Little Rock police are commended for quickly located and arrested Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, 23 who was previously known as Carlos Bledsoe before he converted to Islam. The scuttlebutt is that Abdulhakim relocated to Arkansas from Memphis, TN after converting to Islam and attending a terrorist training camp. He was reportedly already under investigation by the FBI joint terrorism task force after he traveled to Yemen and was arrested there for using a Somali passport. However the details of the probe are not yet known.

When arraigned this morning, Muhammud / Bedsloe entered a not guilty plea. However, Lt. Terry Hastings, of the LRPD said that the accused said, "He saw them standing there and drove up and shot them. That's what he said." Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas said, "Interviews with police show Muhammad 'probably had political and religious motives for the attack.'"

Of interest is the use of terminology describing this crime. The the news media are issuing the term "killed"and other plain wrapper terms with regard to the cold blooded murder of an American soldier and critical wounding of another. However, the news media used more inflammatory words like "murder " with respect to the recent shooting of late term abortionist Dr. Tiller.

Also, while the Obama administration under Attorney General Holder felt it was necessary to activate U.S. marshals to provide protection to various civilian individuals based on attack on Tiller, there has been no show of concern by the Obama administration over the attack on these young military servicemen on U.S. soil. Where are the compassionate public words of Commander-in-Chief President Obama or any of his key staff in regard to the death of one and wounding of another servicemen . This morning we reported on President Obama's announced nomination for the Secretary of the Army. However , the "Commander-in-chief" has not expressed concern for the fallen and injured servicemen in Little Rock. Again - there has been no condemnation of the killing of an American serviceman and the wounding of another in the heartland of America.

Also, there has been no expressed concern for the victims' families or for the recovery of the wounded soldier. Also, where is the expressed concern by the aforementioned Attorney General Holder or by the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. With Obama's planned meetings with Muslim Middle East leaders, Obama and his administration seems to be choosing to ignore this situation. The shooting of a military serviceman used to be a Federal crime? The Silence is deafening!

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