What the heck is Blanche Lincoln doing?

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Over the past few weeks, it seems that our senior senator, Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) has been busily trying to ruin her political career.

Following all that hubbub over the health care debate, Lincoln's popularity has been steadily slipping here in Arkansas. A recent Rasmussen poll shows her losing to any Republican who bothers to run against her while a Daily Kos poll shows her slightly ahead of Republican challengers but struggling mightily against Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter in a primary challenge.

To make things worse, she's angered seniors by voting against a John McCain amendment that would reverse the Medicare cuts put in the health care bill. Here's the relevant portion of a press release I received yesterday from a group called 60 Plus from that group's president, Jim Martin:

I and the 5.5 million supporters of 60 Plus are disappointed Senator Lincoln chose to vote against the McCain Amendment and against restoring the $500 billion in cuts to Medicare made by the Senate health care reform legislation. Seniors have a long memory and we will not forget this betrayal.
That's right -- she's angered another group out there. I don't care if you like, dislike or are just neutral on Lincoln. You've got to be wondering -- what the heck is she doing?

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