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By Ethan Nobles on 9:24 PM

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I'm a big proponent of getting the most for my money out of a computer.

It's always tempting to buy the latest and greatest, but that gets expensive after awhile. I've learned over the years that spending a little bit of cash to expand can add a couple of years to the life of a computer (provided, of course, you've got something that's not unreasonably old).

One of the most cost effective things out there has to do with hard drives -- nothing will render a computer useless quicker than running out of storage space. Now, I like saving money (obviously) so tend to hit places like Sam's Club (an Arkansas company!) when it comes to buying quality stuff for less.

Just click one of the many links scattered throughout this little post and you'll find everything you need when it comes to hard drive storage for prices you want to pay -- whether you want a big external hard drive or one of those top-notch Seagate hard drives, you'll find all of that (and more) over there.

Give that site a shot and good luck with your upgrading.

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