Angel Food founders caught with hand in the till?

By HawgWyld on 3:30 AM

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Man, I hope these are just a bunch of false accusations floating around -- the founders of Angel Food, their son and an employee have been indicted for ripping off the charity.

If the four under indictment are found guilty, they deserve the worst the courts system can throw at them. Angel Food, which is based in Georgia, has helped around 500,000 families in the nation by providing them with heavily-subsidized meals. Churches here in Arkansas had embraced the program and volunteers spent countless hours working to improve the lot for people in their communities through the program.

It was a great program that ended earlier this year due to what those in charge of it called economic difficulties. A federal indictment suggests that's kind of true -- when people in charge of such a charity are stealing millions of dollars for it, perhaps the phrase "economic difficulties" does fit.

At any rate, click here to read all about it. Prepare to get angry.

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