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Guest post written by my buddy Brian Workman

My daughter and her husband were friends with a couple in college that ended up being in their wedding. They are the sweetest people. They had to fly all the way from Oklahoma to participate in all the wedding activities. The boy had taken a job with a medical equipment company and took a transfer out there so he could double his income. His wife went back to school while living there and became a kindergarten teacher. They don’t have any children yet, but from looking at them on their Facebook page, I can tell they have two cute dogs. My daughter and her husband recently went out to Oklahoma to have a reunion of sorts with their friends. She told me that they stayed at their friends’ house and that it was so nice. Apparently they are doing really well financially which is very unusual in this economy. And, she told me that they are very frugal with their money. Gone are the days when they used to go out every night. Now they stay at home mostly, cook their dinner, and watch a lot of direct tv in oklahoma city.

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