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By Ethan Nobles on 12:23 AM

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In my quest to convert most of my media to a convenient digital format, I’ve had to use a video converter or two.

For my purposes, I want to convert my DVDs to videos in MP4 format that are stored on a huge hard drive and then streamed to my Xbox 360 and iPhone. Why? DVDs take up a lot of space, get scratched and are generally inconvenient. Dumping them on a hard drive is the way to go – I can simply shove the DVDs in a closet and then select the movies I want on, say, my Xbox 360. A 2 terabyte hard drive, after all, is much easier to manage than stacks of DVDs.

Converting all of that video requires a reliable DVD ripper. If you’ve got a decent computer, you’re in luck as there is a good video converter for Mac (you can call it a DVD ripper for Mac if you prefer that terminology) out there as well as a solid iPad video converter for Windows PCs, too.

Just click one of the aforementioned links and you’ll be on your way to quickly converting all sorts of videos to iPads and other devices in a variety of formats.

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