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Back when I was a business writer for a daily newspaper, I learned one thing in a hurry – people really paid attention every time we announced a rate from a commonly used service was going to increase.

Yes, we could bang out stories about SEC filings by local corporations, cover shareholder meetings and do all of that stuff, but the phone calls and emails started flowing in when one of us wrote about utilities rates increasing. For the purpose of this post, just lump cable rates in with utilities and you get the idea.

Cable rates always seemed to be on the rise. During the conversion to digital, cable rates soared as the local provider was shelling out millions of dollars to lay in fiber optic cable. Cable rates, in fact, seemed to go up almost annually and sometimes on a whim. We put up with all of that because, at the time, satellite service was relatively new and we couldn’t get any local channels.

Well, folks, times have changed. When it comes to satellite television, Direct TV is certainly an established company that provides millions of customers with all the HDTV options they want and even the standard digital channels come in very clear. In my area – and most others – local channels have been offered in high definition for years. And, here’s the clincher – the rates are lower than you might expect.

Interested in switching from cable? Give dx3 Direct TV a look and see what packages you can start enjoying soon. Head over to and start shopping. You’ll be glad you did.

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