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Being a professional in about any field – law, medical or etc. – means you’ve got to stay current on your skills set.

When I was a lawyer, that meant taking a lot of continuing education. Doctors go through a similar process, but there is one exception – law is comparatively static compared to medicine which is dramatically impacted later by new techniques, technologies, pharmaceuticals, etc. How can a doctor learn the new skills necessary to stay ahead of the pack? Oxford Medical has some programs in place that are well worth your attention. Not only can you learn some new techniques, you can learn some new disciplines that will help advance your career or extend it into other areas.

What will you find through Oxford Medical? You’ll find a one-day, consultant interview course, a medical teaching course and a medical management course. One of the more innovative offerings is a teach the teacher course which is a highly interactive way in which doctors learn to teach.

Sound interesting? If so, click one of the links in this article to check out what England’s premier medical training institution has to offer. You might fine a training session is just what the doctor ordered to advance your career. Good luck!

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