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By Ethan Nobles on 10:36 PM

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As I’ve mentioned a time or two on this blog, The Hawg used to be an attorney. During the four years I spent practicing law, I was witness to plenty of treachery, injustice and downright unethical behavior.

Some of the worst cases I saw involved someone getting hurt on the job and then cut loose because, well, they worked for large companies that just kept their employees around until it was no longer convenient.

Here’s the thing – if you’ve been hurt on the job through misdeeds or negligence by someone else, you are owed compensation. Some companies will do the right thing by their employees, while others will simply fire them – or at least threaten to do so -- instead of lending a helping hand. Unless you work for a company that looks out for its employees, you will need a good employment lawyer to get what you are owed.

When it comes to employment law, the chances are you’re going to have to have some very good representation, too. When it’s “big guy vs. little guy,” the little guy had better come prepared or get ready to be hammered in court. Where can a wronged employee find competent representation? If you need an employment attorney in Woodlands TX area, you might give Garg and Associates a look – good track record, according to the firm’s Website so check them out.

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