A good real estate site is a rare thing

By Ethan Nobles on 12:27 AM

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As some of you may know, I’ve worked in the real estate industry in one capacity or another for some time. I’ve seen some great real estate sites that give good information to shoppers using the Internet for information on how to buy and sell a home and I’ve seen some rotten ones, too. A lot of rotten ones, in fact.

In fact, trying to find a good real estate site is somewhat difficult for one, simple reason – a lot of agents, for better or worse, view a presence on the Internet as a “back burner” project. They want to have one, but Internet sites are often minor components of larger marketing campaigns.

For those shopping for Calgary real estate, however, you’re in luck – just click on the aforementioned link and you’ll see what I mean. Instead of just getting a site that lists off Calgary real estate agents, you’ll find some very useful tools for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. The site is full of useful information, including an MLS search engine that actually works and some great tips that will help sellers position their homes and buyers find what houses they need.

Give it a shot, kids, and dig the difference.

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