Willy needs some Financial Planning

By Willy on 7:19 AM

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Willy is hearing the stories this morning that the Automakers are getting the message and they are going back to congress to plead their case for a bailout and are traveling in their hybrid vehicles instead of their corporate jets.

They are saying that they have to have money because if they don't get it soon that their mismanagement to date will cause them to go bankrupt this month. If they get the bailout they will sell their corporate jobs, they will figure out how to make cars go further on a gallon of gas, the CEO will work for $1/year + expenses and they will sell the corporate jets.

This they say will bring them back to profitability if Americans-- Many who cut from their jobs by the automakers, will then buy more cars and drive more miles and use more gas and spend more money on credit cards and ..........

Willy has debt, but the problem is that Willy has not let his debt get totally out of hand. Willy has spent beyond his means sometimes but Willy took a look and pulled in the reins and got it back in hand all by himself.

Willy needs someone to help Willy to financially figure out how to get in the mess that the automakers are in so Willy can get the bail out. Willy believes if the government will give him only about 1/100 of 1% of the $800 million bailout money, then willy will be debt free.

My plan is that if the government could spare Willy that small amount then Willy pays off all debts. That allows Willy to save a small part of his salary and then spend the rest on big cars, great vacations and many other things that will give people jobs.

That would spur the economy.

Listen to the Video from Fred Thompson - like him or not - he has a humorous- sarcastic take on the whole mess. Willy thinks Fred should send him some money.

Listen to Fred - come on it wont hurt you.

10-4 Willy

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