Robbing a Bank - Is It Worth It?

By Paul Eilers on 1:56 PM

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This guy will spend the next 57 years in an Arkansas Department of Correction facility, for his role in a bank robbery in Greenbrier - as the getaway driver.

A Faulkner County jury decided late Thursday night the fate of Barber, who was also convicted of eight other charges, including aggravated robbery, theft of property and kidnapping.

Barber was captured minutes after a woman in a home near the search area saw a mud-covered man peering over a fence and into her window and notified searchers.

The 28 year old Barber will be 85 years old by the time his sentence is carried out.

My wife commented by saying, "You have a better chance of getting out of prison if you kill somebody, than if you rob a bank."

Sad, but true. So don't mess with the money.


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It sad my babe, my friend,my child hood buddy screwed his life up this way. He could have been a great football player or anything he wanted to be.Our love out here on the outside for him will live on forever.No one seems to cherish life until things like this happen. He treated many woman in his life wrong.I wish he would have treated them better,because karma a bitch you never know how it will come back on you.RANDALL ST 4EVER where we had much happier times.

Posted on July 23, 2009 at 4:53 PM  

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