Ah, so Tony Alamo is crazy and stupid, huh?

By Ethan Nobles on 9:10 PM

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Take a good, hard look at that photo, folks.

That's Tony Alamo and he's five kinds of crazy. Fortunately, he's not that bright, either.

Let me explain.

Alamo is an alleged minister and certainly a cultist who has pestered people in Arkansas for decades now. I well remember finding his junk literature on my car windshield in the 1980s -- we're talking about rants against Ronald Reagan, the Pope and basically anyone in power who wasn't a screwball.

In 1994, the nut got convicted of tax evasion and sent to the federal pen. Sadly, they let him out in 1998 and he started causing trouble again. He eventually wound up in the southwest Arkansas town of Fouke and set up another one of his blasted ministries. The Fouke mayors office, almost immediately, started receiving complaints of underage marriages, polygamy, child abuse, sexual abuse and all sorts of nasty things.

So his Fouke compound got raided in September 2008 as part of a child pornography investigation. Alamo fled, was eventually nabbed in Arizona and was hauled before a judge in October. He's denied all wrongdoing (of course) and has been sitting in jail since then awaiting his trial in May.

Here's the funny part -- he's been held without bail since October and has finally gotten around to complaining that the court should -- like, you know, uh maybe -- reconsider. That request has been denied.

The law is pretty clear in this instance -- if you are facing federal charges and you think you are being held without bail unfairly, you shouldn't wait five months or so until you start complaining about it (in fact, you've got 10 days to appeal that decision).

Alamo's attorneys should have known this, I suppose. However, I wonder how hard an attorney works when he's representing a known ne'er-do-well who is facing several counts of taking minors across state lines for the purpose of having sex with them.

I hope they get Alamo out of circulation for good this time.

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