Plenty of changes at the All Arkie Army

By Ethan Nobles on 11:38 PM

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Well, folks, your old friend The Hawg has been in "change mode" lately.

I woke up one day and thought it would be a good idea to have an active law license again because I've figured out a way to make money with the thing (here's a hint -- just hanging out a shingle, advertising and hoping for walk-in traffic is for suckers). So -- bam! -- I'm in the middle of getting that done.

I woke up this morning and thought I'd been slacking on things here at the All Arkie Army since, well, shortly after I started it. The original purpose of this site was to bring attention to bloggers with Arkansas ties -- to give them a site where they could link to posts on their own blogs of which they are particularly proud and post an original item or two.

So, I'm asking everyone to keep all of that in mind -- post links to your favorite items and post something new here and there if you have time. I've also started a blog list so that members of the famed All Arkie Army can get some traffic that way.

What's more, I've learned a few things about how to get attention on these here Interwebs. Backlinks are important, I reckon, so that blog list will (hopefully) help boost the page ranks of members. Furthermore, please drop me a note if you know of an Arkansas blog that should be listed on that list and I'll put it up -- if we're lucky, we'll get a reciprocal link from some of those blogs and that will help out all of us as the rank of this blog increases and pulls everyone up with it.

In short, I hope members will get more active over here, maybe recruit a friend or two and suggest some links to add to the blog list. I really like the idea of linking to more Arkansas blogs -- let's help out some other Arkies, huh?

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