The Christmas wrench revisited

By Ethan Nobles on 2:49 AM

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One of the worst times of the year as far as I'm concerned falls immediately after Christmas.

You've got all that buildup for Christmas then the holiday comes, goes and we're left facing the prospect of getting back to normal. It's different when you're a kid in that you've at least got a week to play with your toys and enjoy some time off before school starts up in January.

That's not the case with adults, sadly. No, I'll be heading back to work and dealing with all the stuff that piled up on the two measly days I had off for Christmas. My brother put it best when commenting on adult life in general.

"When you're a kid, you get breaks," he said. "You get summers off, Christmas off and even a spring break. When you're adult, you don't get a break -- it just never stops."

Meanwhile, those stores that were festive just a few days ago now look alarmingly empty and there's even one place in town that's started putting out Valentine's Day stuff (I wish I was kidding).

Yes, it's a depressing time indeed. To fight that feeling of blah that nags at me this time of year, I turned to an old blog post of mine about the wrench that saved Christmas. Click here to read it and cheer yourself up a bit, too.

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