White County's Flooded Christmas

By Theresa Komor on 7:09 PM

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floodWhile Santa made his rounds around the globe, what hovered over us here in Arkansas was a torrential downpour, adding an additional 9 inches of rainfall to an already oversaturated earth.

Major interstate highway 67/167 flooded for miles, trapping unsuspecting travelers where they stopped in bumper to bumper traffic. State highways fared worse; to close an effected area meant an hour’s added detour around the flooding. Roads closed yesterday afternoon remained closed today. The water just isn’t receding.

Those hardest hit by the same storm that blanketed the east in snow were those living in low-lying areas. What was considered safe before Hurricane Katrina was subsequently reevaluated by FEMA to fall two feet below a safe flood margin.

In one particular sub-division in the sleepy community of Beebe, 30 homes remain flooded today under at least a foot of water. Last night, well into the wee hours of the morning, rescues continued until everyone was again safely standing on solid ground. Public servants became heroes yet again.

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We didn't get to go to Mom's on Christmas eve 'cause there was water over the road either way into their house. I am ready for the rain to STOP! Looks like we might get some snow this week, though. We all know how that'll turn out...NOT GOOD!

Posted on December 29, 2009 at 10:21 PM  

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