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Guest post written by MaryAnn Winifred

I'm not a very good cook, but I really am trying to learn! Now that I'm a little older I feel a little silly eating takeout all the time. So instead I'm going to try and learn how to cook for myself. Then maybe I can worry about trying to cook for other people. Right now for me a lot of it is about presentation because I'm a horrible cook at this point.

I thought I'd give myself some motivation by making a cute little apron for me to wear while I'm cooking and also to protect my clothes. When I was looking for a pattern that would give my clothes some more coverage from failed baking experiments, I saw the site debtcounseling.bankrupt.com/. I instantly knew that would help some too because I'm also in debt and need any help in that regard.

I did find a ruffled apron tutorial that I thought was simply too cute to pass up! So I didn't and I'm currently at work on piecing together some cheap dish towels into an apron.

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