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Years ago, I made my living as an attorney in northwest Arkansas.

I learned a thing or two during the four years when I was a lawyer and one of the most important ones was this – there are times when someone accused of a crime was actually innocent. There were other times when someone accused of a crime was actually guilty of a lesser crime – a misdemeanor instead of a felony, for example.

Here’s the thing – the guilty and not guilty faced similar fates if they weren’t represented by a good, hardworking criminal lawyer. While there were a lot of hard-working, knowledgeable public defenders available in the counties where I practiced, they were often overwhelmed by the sheer case load that got dumped on their desks daily.

Look at it this way – if a good attorney is simply overworked, how likely is it that lawyer will be able to give a client the necessary attention? Sadly, I saw a lot of cases in which someone who warranted a great defense simply didn’t get it because they had an overworked lawyer.

The same was true when it came to inexperienced attorneys. Sure, they had time on their hands, but they often didn’t know the judges or prosecutors that well and, as such, didn’t have a great working relationship with them. Such a relationship is necessary in these matters – a prosecutor who has worked a few cases with a defense lawyer is more inclined to listen seriously when it comes to working out decent plea bargains or dropping cases entirely.

The point of all this? If you need a good criminal lawyer and you happen to be in Jackson, MS, click the aforementioned link and you might just find one.

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