Thoughts on the 2008 National Election

By Bill Smith on 9:03 PM

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ARRA News Service - From the heart of the Ozarks, a Letter to Editor by Fred Polich of Bull Shoals, Arkansas: These are hard economic times for many. The mainstream media and other liberal influences, like Hollywood, want the public to believe it is all the fault of the Bush Administration. However, it was the Carter and Clinton administrations and policies that pushed for easier lending guidelines for home buyers who couldn't afford to make a down payment and their mortgage payments. It was Democrats in Congress that pushed legislation that promoted the lending to buyers who should not have received mortgages. However, the failed housing market, collapsed lending institutions, and the recent Wall Street tumble and economic downturn has turned the polls to favor the Democrats. At this point in the election campaign, should the focus be only on the economy?

I am a conservative with mainstream values who is very concerned with the ultimate outcome of the 2008 election. Protecting the unborn; the right to bear arms; marriage being only between a man and a woman; keeping "In God We Trust" on our currency and the pledge of allegiance with the words "under God" in it; and honoring our flag are some of my core beliefs. It is these core values and beliefs that a Democrat victory would be a seriously threaten. I am concerned that if Barack Obama were elected with both the Senate and House remaining under the control of Democrats, the consequences will be devastating.

Why am I concerned? Because Obama said his first action would be signing the "Freedom of Choice Act." A law that would open all avenues to abortion and prohibit limitation or restrictions by the states. Also, I anticipate legislation that will threaten mainstream traditional core values, disregard the intent of our Founding Fathers, twist our Constitution, and violate our Bill of Rights. I fear that immigration problems and terrorism will become an even greater threat because of "softer" policies. I'm concerned that our military capabilities will be compromised. But, my number one fear is the life-time appointments of replacement Supreme Court judges and other federal judges. Most assuredly their judicial philosophies will mirror that of Barack Obama and the liberals in the Senate who confirm judicial appointments. Therefore, the decisions of these new justices and judges would most likely be extremely liberal, long lasting and likely devastating to people holding to traditional values.

It is a voter's patriotic duty before voting to know the voting record and core values of the candidates (presidential and congressional). Consider Barack Obama's associations with a terrorist (Bill Ayers) and with other outspoken critics of our Nation, such as his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Also, consider his ties with ACORN, an organization under investigation in thirteen states for voter fraud. Obama has a vested interest in ACORN because he was a training instructor for their volunteers and a recipient of benefits. You can find out more about ACORN and the individuals previously mentioned by searching the Internet, reading sites like the ARRA News Service, the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family, and listening to conservative talk radio and FOX NEWS. You will learn a LOT that the other main stream media doesn't tell you because of their liberal posturing.

Remember Sen. John McCain endured a lot of pain in the stockades and never compromised his Country or his values. My friends and fellow countrymen please don't "sell out" your values and God given rights to a hurting pocketbook during tough economic times. Please do your homework and vote wisely. [Fred Polich of Bull Shoals, Arkansas is a retired middle-school teacher.]

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