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I had the "pleasure" of going on my first Black Friday sale in November. Why? Because my wife wanted two items for sale in a store and couldn't grab them both by herself. So, I was recruited.

Anyone who has been through one of those things knows the drill. You've got a limited number of products and people are lined up to grab them as soon as the merchant makes them available. The crowd surges, items are grabbed and the very lucky come away with items at ridiculously low prices.

Of course, there are problems with Black Friday sales. For one thing, those are only held once a year. For another, there's all that nasty fighting and grabbing that takes place. Finally, the truly zealous Black Friday warriors tend to sacrifice spending Thanksgiving with their families as they either camp out in parking lots or go to bed early so they can be at the stores as soon as they open to the public.

Ah, but what if there was a way to get those Black Friday deals without having to go to stores, stand in lines and fight with crowds? What if you could get those deals all year long so as to avoid waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of the best prices available? Why, you could start take care of Christmas shopping throughout the year instead of saving up your cash to blow in one, financially-inconvenient wad on Black Friday. Heck, you might even pick up some things for yourself at discount prices.

And, folks, you'll find just a place when you point your browser to, grab a free membership and start shopping. What is Nomorerack? Simply put, it's a clearinghouse for a slew of great deals. The "deals" available change regularly, so the wise shopper will check in regularly to see what's available. And you will want to check in often -- there are items over there for as much as 90 percent off, the products range from electronics such as Android tablets to tee shirts and we're talking about new products. In short, the chances are good you'll find plenty of products you'll like at prices that are hard to beat.

Want another incentive to get involved with the site? Refer friends and you'll win awards. That's right -- if you can convince some friends it would be a good idea to join up and save money, you'll be able to leverage those introductions into points that can be redeemed for free products. How's that for a heck of a deal?

Click one of the aforementioned links and give the site a look. In this economy, everyone likes a good deal, right? Nomorerack is serving them up daily, so don't miss out on some sales.

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