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My background is in journalism. To be precise, it’s on the editorial side of journalism.

What does that mean? I couldn’t sell advertising to save my life and I know it. When I worked in the newspaper business, advertising was sold by magical elves as far as I was concerned. When I started a site (not this one) that needed ad revenue, my approach was decidedly pitiful.

“Hey, uh. Like. You wanna buy an ad?”



What’s the point of all this? Running an Internet site and raising revenue for it are two separate matters. One might be able to put up a great site that attracts a lot of traffic. There is a certain skill involved in doing that. However, that same person that is so brilliant in putting together a site with compelling content might not have the ability to attract advertisers. The ability to sell ads is also a skill and it’s a good idea to leave that task up to an advertising agency staffed with people who have that skill.

Go ahead and click the aforementioned link to find out about a firm with just that skill – it’s called “That! Advertising Agency” and specializes in mixed media advertising. What does that mean? It means the agency was born and bred on the Internet but realizes the importance of advertising through more traditional outlets, too. That’s right – the company seeks to reach your demographic through the channels most appropriate to it.

Sounds good, huh? Experience in various forms of media and the willingness to avoid a “one size fits all” solution in favor of a custom program sounds like a winner, doesn’t it?

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