Want a specialty store? You've got it!

By Ethan Nobles on 12:52 AM

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Here we go again -- taking another look at how the Internet allows specialty stores to thrive. That's a topic one can never beat to death because specialization is one of those things that makes the Internet so great.

Yes, it's one thing to have a lot of common items available, but what does your local retailer have in stock when it comes to portable bleachers or aluminum bleachers? If you can find a local store that even carries such items, how large is the selection? The chances are good that any store in your town that carries such items will have an extremely limited selection. And let's not even talk about prices -- a severe lack of competition means prices are pushed as high as possible. Click on one of the two aforementioned links and you'll find plenty of items at great prices -- competition from Internet retailers means selection and attractive prices are mandatory for those companies that want to survive.

The same dynamic works when it comes to other products. How about dog exercise equipment or pet waste stations? Yep -- plenty of products and competitive prices at the Internet retailer behind the aforementioned links.

Choice is a good thing, indeed, and the Internet facilitates that very well.

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