The Smithsonian Channel takes a look at Arkansas

By Ethan Nobles on 7:03 PM

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Folks, I got an e-mail earlier today from Chrissie Hsu.

She said that her client, the Smithsonian Channel, is working on a series called Aerial America. That series will air next year in high definition and will feature aerial views of every state in the Union.

What's the first state that will be covered in that series? Why, it's the beloved Natural State! Congratulations to the fine folks at the Smithsonian Channel for picking the amazingly scenic Arkansas as the first place to visit for the Aerial America series.

Evidently, people will notice if you howl about how much you love Arkansas. Yep, do that long enough and you'll get some attention.

At any rate, Ms. Hsu asked your friend, The Hawg, to take a look at the Arkansas blog for the series. Want to have a look, too? Click right here and head on over there. Let them know what you think, huh?

You can find out about the Aerial America series by clicking right here.

Ms. Hsu said she'd let me know when the show will be aired and have some clips available in the future. I'll post all of that right here at the All Arkie Army when I get it.

Cool stuff, indeed!

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