Willy and the Wheel of Fortune

By Willy on 6:05 PM

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Wheel of Fortune is in Arkansas and Willy thinks he needs to go down and audition. Well Willy went by the Possum Grit Grill and Cantina to see what Juanita thought about it. She was all for it.

In fact Juanita had her own game of Wheel of Fortune going on there at the Cantina.

Juanita had bottles of beverage sitting up on the bar and each one was covered in front by a letter turned over backwards. She was giving the two regulars to the Cantina a chance to win a beverage.

Well, Sammy Bob over in the back just kept holding up his brew and hollering "Big Money" - "Big Money" Juanita kept asking him to give her a letter and Sammy Bob hollered out " I would like to buy a bowel."

Well if you knew Sammy Bob like Willy knows Sammy Bob you would know that he has one bowel to many now.

Juanita - says no Sammy Bob. You have to spin the wheel. Well Sammy Bob took hold of the spokes on the car wheel set up on the table and gave it a spin. The pointer stopped on "bankrupt". No problem for Sammy Bob - he declared that a long time ago.

Next up was Billy Mack. - He hollered big money gave the wheel a spin - it came up on bottle of budwiser. Billy Mack immediately hollered "give me a bud light"

Juanita thought he was solving the puzzle and declared him the winner.

As a Winner she declared that he got $5, a chance to drive her daddy's four wheeler and a date with Juanita. Bill Mack immediately refused the prize unless he could eliminate the date part of it.

Guess he has no taste for fine women like Juanita. Or maybe he thinks the little wife back at the shack wouldn't like him going out with Juanita.

Well enough of that - Willy better hurry if he is going to get to those Wheel of Fortune auditions -- Better yet - Willy might just go to the deer Woods.

10-4 Willy

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Good luck, Willy!!! :)

Posted on November 16, 2008 at 9:42 AM  

Yeah, I heard they were going to be in Conway this weekend holding auditions. Please tell me that Willy will be on the Wheel!

The Natural State Hawg

Posted on November 16, 2008 at 9:09 PM  

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