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So it was a busy weekend for The Editor and me. Sunday was the Argenta Block Party and The Editor was the Benevolent Dictator of the party. Sunday morning I headed out from The Editor’s house to pick up some last minute things that we needed from the store for the party. As I turned into the busy intersection which is at the end of The Editor’s street, I saw the neighbor’s Siamese cat in the middle of the road....dead. I started to tear up.......went around the block.......stopped in front of The Editor’s house and went in. I told him about the cat and I said we needed to go next door and tell the neighbors. He said, "well, let’s go outside and get the cat and we’ll take it next door and explain." So we headed outside, walked down his street, and then started walking into the intersection towards the cat. As we got closer, The Editor said, "well.........here’s where Kelly learns the difference between a Siamese cat and a possum. Let’s start with the tail." Alrighty then.

As I headed off towards the store, in the rearview mirror, I could see The Editor standing in the road taking a picture of the dead possum. Yeah, that’s gonna end up on a blog.

Oh, lord.

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GREAT STORY--even if it was at your expense!!! Of course, those often make for the best stories.

You forgot to place a link to your regular blog, however. BAD, BAD GIRL!!! For if that was your "Kelly's Korner" that I just visited, you have got some really great content over there, and you are depriving the good ol' boys and girls here easy access to it by not placing a link.

It wouldn't have to be anything elaborate, nor even too conspicuous. You could just say, "Hey, see what else I'm up to at Kelly's Korner," with Kelly's Korner being linked, but our resident expert on propaganda (Ethan, a.k.a.: The Natural State Hawg or The Hawg or ...) might have a better idea. He often thinks that he does, and sometimes he is even right.

Posted on October 28, 2008 at 12:40 AM  

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