Top Entrecard droppers for October; nominations for Captains needed

By HawgWyld on 8:32 PM

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It might not be entirely fair to identify the Top Entrecard Droppers for October as the All Arkie Army has only been on Entrecard Since Oct. 19.

Regardless, it's always good to step back, take a minute and thank Enterecard users for visiting. So, I've gone ahead and put together a list of the Top 10 droppers for October.

And, by the way, get an Entrecard account if you're in need of more traffic to your blog. Don't ask why. Just do it and watch those readers flock to your blog.

So, here are the top Entrecard-enabled visitors for October:

1. EZGreatLife.Com. It's worth mentioning that the #1 slot is actually held by The Natural State Hawg, but listing it as a top dropper isn't exactly fair, it it? After all, I handle the Entrecard accounts for both the All Arkie Army and The Natural State Hawg. So...

2. The Path to the Pegasus Letter

3. Big Boys Have Toys Too

4. Room 237 Origins

5. Contest Prep

6. The Power of Three

7. Crotchety Old Man Yells at Cars

8. Urutora No Hi

9. Margie and Edna's Basement

10. Unique You

Visit them all, huh?

The Hawg opens the floor for nominations

I figure we ought to name some great bloggers honorary Captains of the All Arkie Army every month or so. We chose the initial batch of them back in October and you can read all about that by clicking right here.

So, I call on my fellow members of the All Arkie Army to nominate some more. Let's take nominations until, say, Wednesday, vote on Thursday and Friday and announce the winners on Saturday.

Handing out awards is a lot of fun, after all, so we ought to do it at least monthly. So, let's get cracking and honor some fantastic bloggers, huh?

Should you have a nomination, just leave it in the comments section. We'll vote there, too, unless y'all want to do it all James-Bond-secret like.

The Army is always recruiting

We've got some great members of the All Arkie Army who contribute regularly, yet there's always room for more. If you're an Arkansan or have ties to this state, we'd be honored if you chose to join us.

Interested? Click right here to find out what you're getting yourself into, send me an e-mail by clicking the "Contact" link at the top of this page and ask to join. You even get a stylish badge to put on your page. It's a hell of a deal, kids!

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I would like to nominate Pam at pamibe as an honorary Captain. I visit Pam daily, and am always astounded by her clear and intelligent thinking...about everything.

Thank you, top EC droppers!

Posted on November 2, 2008 at 7:39 AM  

I'll second that. I visit over there quite a bit, too.

Posted on November 2, 2008 at 1:07 PM  

Oh, and I've got a couple of nominations, too --

EZGreatLife and Dad The Dude. Great couple of bloggers there. Y'all check them out!

Posted on November 2, 2008 at 1:17 PM  

Hey, I just checked out Dad the Dude, and I'll give you a second! I've also added him to my favorites and plan to read a lot more of him!!

Where IS everyone with their nominations?

Posted on November 9, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

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