Deer Season Opener

By systolic on 8:59 PM

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November 5 is the opening day of modern gun deer season here in Arkansas.
Many a hunting widow in the northwest part of the state are now enjoying the peace and quiet that they have been longing for for months, as eager boyfriends, husbands and sons head to the deer woods and join their buddies at deer camp.
There will be an estimated
300,000 hunters roaming around out there looking for a chance to bag a nice deer, and a lot of employers who will be wondering how so many got so sick and called in all at the same time.

The local doctors here haven't a clue.

I'm a transplant from the north and have lived here for over 20 years and every year it's the same, all these men out there exercising their 2nd amendment right to own firearms and hunt. A right that a lot of Americans are nervous about now that we've had a change of direction in the White House.

Well before anybody gets carried away about gun control in Washington D.C. I think there are a few things they should consider.
One thing is all those hunting widows that get a few weeks off to themselves with no one around to have to cleanup after and cook for.
Without those guns there wouldn't be any reason for those guys to go to the woods, that will play real well when the congressional elections come up.....
Out of the way stores and restaurants
get a big boost from all those hungry hunters providing jobs in rural areas and contributing to the tax base.
Then there is all these guys in the deer camps.......sons, fathers and grandfathers, sitting around campfires at night shooting the breeze and telling stories that will be told over and over and added to as each generation passes and new ones return for their chance to bag a deer.

I'm not a hunter myself, never having been raised hunting, but I can relate to what deer season means to people in this state, it has a connection that goes back generations.

Hope no one messes with it.

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