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By Willy on 7:24 AM

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A few posts ago Willy says that he is convicted to pray for our new leaders and would leave it there about Obama!

Well, that is all well and good. But with that aside - there are a couple of things about this whole thing that really ticks Willy off.. and this is not about Obama, it is about our country and the election in general.

Today's local paper has a regional columnist who states that the nation and world now have a perception that the areas in this country who voted predominately republican - the red states on the Map - are White Racists! -

Let me tell you about Willy's white racist blood! - I do not care what color Obama's skin is - by the way my understanding is that his blood is as much white as it is black. What I do care about is and what I voted and what most of the people in the red states voted for was against what they perceived to be a pacifistic, liberal, inexperienced person who wanted to run our country.

Why does that make me a white racist. If it does then it appears that the rest of the country - the blue states are black racists - isn't racism the same regardless of what color it is prejudice against.

The second thing that ticks me off is the fact that their are reports in the public schools that the black children seem to be encouraged and are exercising the idea to flaunt their "blackness" because of Obama's victory.

I am not talking about a pride in their skin color. I am talking about a new racist type of attitude that they are now better than the whites. Yes, it is an attitude that in the 50's, 60's and 70's could be said was an attitude of the "white kids".

So instead of Obama's election bringing a country together, and making it a country where race and gender are not distinguished as being unequal, it seems to be having a negative affect.

Yes, change is being seen already! Change which is stepping us back to a country where the races fear each other and there may be even more racial unrest in our public schools.

Willy thought that racism was in the past. Not sure where we go to from here.

10-4 Willy

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