Nominations for Honorary Captains are due!

By Ethan Nobles on 12:18 AM

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Yes, folks, the time is on us to pick some bloggers to honor.

I put up a post about that a few days ago and you can read all about it by clicking right here.

In short, we've got three nominations and two of them have been seconded. So, I invite all members of the All Arkie Army to have a look at the aforementioned post, second the nominations there (if you want) or nominate some bloggers that you believe are exceptional.

And, no, The Hawg isn't going to talk about tonight's election. All that's left to say is "dammit" and point that at both Barack Obama and the blasted neocons that hijacked the Republican Party and paved the way for four years of Obama's polite totalitarianism. So be it.

My main rant about this mess is posted right here (it's the second part of my post about a note I received from IHOP).

There's really nothing left to say. I really do need to find a new political party.

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